Scope of work



Unexpected breakdowns in hot or cold utility water, central heating, or gas installations are in most cases caused by accidental interference and human error, e.g. pipe drilling, or the passage of time and material corrosion. Failure of the water and sewage system may also occur as a result of improper execution by the installer, e.g. leakage due to faulty connections. In the case of central heating, hot water or hot water installations, it will end up with a water leak or cold radiators. The characteristic smell of gas odorant (tetrahydrotifen) will be noticeable in gas installations. Then you should immediately close the main valve, ventilate the room and / or call for a hydraulic or gas emergency. Attention! The lower explosion limit of natural gas is only 4.5 vol.%. In the event of clogged sewage pipes, water may also leak through leaky connections, but this is the least bothersome fault, because cutting off the water supply will stop the leak. The so-called water scale is a frequent cause of failure, for example, of the cistern. Over time, minerals in drinking water deposit on the walls of fill and drain valve mechanisms and can cause damage.



I provide professional services of pushing clogged sewage pipes, unblocking drain pipes in internal sewage systems. As an experienced plumber, I have developed and proven mechanical and pressure methods used for unblocking pipes, thanks to which I can be sure of correctly carried out orders and guarantee long and correct operation of the installation. Unblocking a clogged washbasin, bathtub drain or shower tray – also with a ceiling siphon, pushing the toilet or sink drain through is not a problem, that’s all
quickly, efficiently and professionally.



Each sink or washbasin will one day be exposed to chemicals, detergents, mechanical damage and will not look like new. A washing machine and dishwasher will no longer be energy efficient, and if it breaks down, repair is often unprofitable. If you think it’s time for a replacement, you’ve made the right decision. The replacement is not complicated, but must be performed professionally by a specialist such as a plumber. How about it still fast and elegant? Yes of course.



I always unblock internal pipes of sanitary installations cleanly, i.e. without physical contact of your floors and furniture with impurities removed from sewage pipes. I am aware of the inconvenience that arise when using standard methods of unblocking pipes. As a plumber with many years of experience, I have the equipment thanks to which the process of removing impurities from sewage pipes is extremely effective and clean. Thanks to this, there is no need for onerous cleaning of the room after the sewer cleaning service has been performed. In addition, the drain pipes after the service are incomparably more permeable than using traditional methods.



Water meters are devices that count water consumption that, like many others, are time-consuming and may not work properly after many years. Therefore, after five years, the water meter loses its legalization and must be replaced with a new one. The plumber performs water meter replacement services at competitive prices. It is also important to choose the right type of water meter for your installation, which will be made by a plumber free of charge.